Krea events inspire creativity, consciousness and community through various types of talks. Speakers (Aktivists) from many different creative backgrounds talk about there work and share there knowledge and insight. KreaKolektiva also runs festivals, family affairs, musical concerts and artisan markets.

8x8 - Practical Philosophers

In 2016 we added the idea of consciousness, through a new event 8×8 Practical Philosophy, where 8 Practical Philosopher talk for 8 minutes about their aspect of philosophy whatever it may be (Vitality, Alchemy, Ethics; Body; Food; Ecstasy) in a very practical way.

12x5 - Kreative Aktivists

Creativity is our nature, but we have to nurture it in community. KreaKolektiva was born of this idea, to bring creative people together with it’s 12×5 events, where 12 Creative Activists tell their stories in 5 minutes. This action inspires both the Creative Activists to carry on as well as inspiring the others on a path of their own.

4x4 - Pollinating Ideas

Born out of the KreaKoleKtiva, with a Happy Soul into a Lucky Body, 4×4 is a new Event Project is, as it says “a cross pollination platform 4 growing ideas”, a Conscious Centre for Community to share & grow, to hear & be heard, to question life, who we are & how we live, and to share our ideas, beliefs & perspectives. With 4 Speakers & 4 Topics getting 16 minutes to pollinate & grow their ideas, then breaking out into smaller groups for 8 minutes to question & share.

Krea Kolektiva - Family Affair Gatherings

We have had 2 Family Affair Gatherings, one in C’an Monroig in Inca & the other in Es Capdella, both were catered by our Food Philosopher (8×8) Ronny from Duke’s, had multiple creative expressions (music, theatre, dance) & an open mic for “laser beam catch-up’s” (2/3 minutes to let everyone know what you are up to).

Krea Kolektiva - Music & Arts Festivals

In 2016 we had an amazing 3 Day Music & Arts Festival with 30 Bands, 12 Workshops, Food Trucks, Camping, Theatre, Dance & so much more. We also regularly organise “Musical Events” be they at sea on the Falcao Uno or on land at Theatre Sans or a VEROTED’s or The Tower of Love.

Krea Kolektiva - Tower of Love

The Tower of Love is firstly our home, we live in C/Torre del Amor in old town Palma. Here we held &/or hold “The Super Wachi Kids Club”; “The Tower of Love Social Club”; “The Tower Jam Sessions”; “The Tower of Love Christmas Market”; as well as Parties, Talks, Workshops, Dinners & so much more.


We love to team up with Kreative Aktivists

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