We are a multi-national collective community living in Mallorca. We hold various creative events to bring people together & inspire ourselves & everyone who comes, to connect with them & connect everyone with each other.

KreaKolektiva was born of this idea, to bring creative people together with it’s 12 x 5 events, where 12 Creative Activists tell their stories in 5 minutes. This action inspires both the Creative Activists to carry on as well as inspiring the others on a path of their own.

In 2016 we added the idea of consciousness, through a new event 8 x 8 Practical Philosophy, where 8 Practical Philosopher talk for 8 minutes about their aspect of philosophy whatever it may be (Vitality, Alchemy, Ethics; Body; Food; Ecstasy) in a very practical way.

In May 2016 the KreaKolektiva became a non-profit association & continued promoting a life of creative, conscious action by supporting & connecting musicians, actors, writers, dancers, artisans, designers, builders, cooks and all acts of creation.

"We are a multi-national collective community
living in Mallorca"


We formed the KreaKolektiva out of the Tower of Love in December 2014, based in the old town of Palma but spreading our wings throughout Mallorca.

The Tower of Love is firstly our home, as we live in Carrer de la Torre de l’Amor in old town Palma. 

Our first event was “The Super Wachi Kids Club – the seriously fun way to learn about yourself & your world” for 6 to 10 year olds. 

The Tower was a perfect place for musical parties & jam sessions, yet we were striving for something more, to somehow bring consciousness to the party! So we started The Tower of Love Social Club fusing an evening of food, performance & conscious conversation.

Since many of us work in the film industry here in Mallorca we formed a film club, somewhere we could come together to see how we could be more proactive in making our own personal projects & to learn way to improve our filmmaking.

In the Summer of 2014 we held “The Tower of Love Garden Festival”, a one day festival of creativity, music, food & fun! Set in a friends garden in Santa Maria we put any money made to help a friend in need.

We have held many events in The Tower of Love, from a 2 day Artisan Market with live music, food, kids area & 12 local artisan stalls, to kundalini workshops, conscious gatherings & so much more.

We love to team up with Kreative Aktivists

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